Victory Christian Academy does not discriminate in its admittance or policies regarding a person’s race, ethnicity, or national origin.

VCA welcomes students interested in a Christian education, who are found qualified for admission, and who agree and whose parents agree that the students shall abide by the rules and philosophy of the school. It must always be understood that attendance at VCA is a privilege and not a right.

Victory Christian Academy, as a private institution, reserves the right to maintain its own standards of dress and conduct. As such, students who do not adhere to the rules and philosophy of the school may be refused admittance or discontinued enrollment.

Step 1: APPLY

Please e-mail to receive a link to our online application or call us at 252.400.1920 to make an appointment to pick up an application packet.

Please Note: By completing the application, you are agreeing to abide by the policies and procedures set forth in the Statement of Cooperation, Financial Agreement, and Student/Parent Handbook.

Download Statement of Cooperation
Download Financial Agreement 2021–2022
Download Student/Parent Handbook 2021–2022


After the application has been processed, a formal interview with the prospective student and parents will be scheduled.

Step 3: ENROLL

Upon acceptance, the registration fee will be due. The enrollment process is not complete until this fee is paid.